Welcome to The Europe Challenge: The future is now

Helping libraries and communities across Europe to explore how people can work together to tackle some of the most urgent challenges facing Europe.

The Europe Challenge was launched in 2020 by the European Cultural Foundation to offer support, resources and funding to libraries and communities – to help explore how people can meet, live together and work in the Europe of today.

If we are to respond to challenges including war, polarisation, cultural and economic crises, the people of Europe must lead the way in solidarity.

People need safe spaces where they can come together and build understanding leading to a stronger sense of solidarity. Libraries offer just that opportunity. As trusted democratic spaces that provide deep-rooted connections to communities, municipalities and local governments, libraries offer a safe space for people across Europe to come together with their neighbours and fellow citizens to identify common problems and find solutions.

“Libraries are becoming more open to people’s initiatives and thus more responsive to their needs. They are no longer a ready made space where people come to; they are a place to get involved, to co-participate. The challenge helped us to look a bit further ahead, to make our dream library.”

Valmiera Library, Latvia

The Europe Challenge kicked off the first Europe Challenge live session that took place from 3 – 15 November 2022 in Florence, followed by Milan and Sant Boi (Barcelona). During these live sessions, they brought the challenge teams physically together for the first time to work together on finding solutions to the challenges of Europe. They worked on topics such as active citizenship and participation, circular economy and environmental wellbeing, equal rights and inclusion, and social cohesion and wellbeing.

You can watch short video clips recapping the live sessions below.

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