Book(shelf) Yourself

Reorganisation and updating a school library: getting people involved.

The Local Challenge

The children’s library “Myrsini Zorba” is the main workspace of the Network for Children’s Rights (NCR). With a good collection of lendable materials, the library is located in an underprivileged area of Athens. The 54th Elementary School is close to the library and has a diverse group of students from countries including Egypt, Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Poland, Albania and Bangladesh. This challenge is designed to strengthen the love of reading and improve the reading ability and educational well-being of youngsters.  


 The Initiative  

The students and teachers benefit from learning how a library works, how to re-organise it and what you can do with a library space. Teachers from the school have the opportunity to become trainers for the students, learning how to build a nice environment for them and exploring activities they can arrange in the library. The students also have the opportunity to buy books in their own languages. 


What’s Next?

This proposal is transferable for other schools, libraries, youth centres etc. The methodology and its impact can be used by others facing the same or similar challenges to approach the operation of libraries and books and bring children and young people closer to reading, critical thinking, teamwork and creating a nicer environment in classes. An important factor is that there is no language, space, time barrier for the implementation of the proposal by others; that makes it easier to put in action and to adjust. 


This is an ongoing Europe Challenge project that will be completed in autumn 2024. Stay tuned for more updates and contact if you have any questions or want to be connected with the team behind the project.

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