Gaming to build community – and challenge fake news

Cavriago, Italy

Challenge team: Multiplo centro cultura Cavriago and Cooperativa Accento

Population of Cavriago: 9,500

Summary: This initiative in Cavriago in northern Italy is tackling fake news by getting local people involved in gaming activities.

The biggest challenge facing Cavriago – a small town in northern Italy – is the integration of the many incomers who have come to the area to find work. The town’s library, Multiplo, has already been helping local residents to meet, socialise and work together – but it also wants to address a new and important issue: challenging fake news and misinformation.

The challenge team wants to involve people of all ages and skills in gaming activities to help make residents more digitally aware of fake news – and to help bridge the digital divide between members of the local community.

Made up of local residents represented by Cooperativa Accento and Multiplo colleagues, the challenge team has planned activities, bought computer equipment for a digital laboratory and created connections with partner institutions – and now they are going to test their prototype, which uses engaging digital tools to capture people’s imagination. 

They said: “We believe that all libraries in Europe have the fundamental task of creating moments of encounter between people who have experienced a breakdown of social relationships, especially young people. Our solution is an ongoing project, which requires the participation of people to evolve.”

By holding workshops and listening to the needs and attitudes of users, the challenge team is developing an evolving range of activities that are suitable for both old and young. They are focusing in particular on working with local schools and associations and drawing on social media channels to reach young people.

“Building a community of people interested in the topic will allow us to develop – through a democratic process – solutions to the problems that are closer to people,” they said. 

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