Soul Food for Migrant Youth: Positive Integration Through Art and Culture

Uniting cultures through creativity to empower young migrants and refugees in Paris.

The challenge 

Paris is a city of great diversity, with a rich cultural infrastructure. Despite this, however, many young people do not feel like they belong in some cultural settings. The non-profit Soul Food works with young migrants and refugees, introducing them to cultural events and artistic environments. They are teaming up with the library of the Goethe-Institut, which is experienced in international cultural work and exchange – helping young people from different backgrounds to immerse themselves in valuable cultural experiences. 


The initiative

Combining their expertise, the two organisations are offering an enriching integration experience for young migrants and refugees in Paris. They are hosting a series of creative workshops, including screen printing and photography, at the library over several months. The initiative is culminating in a vibrant cultural community event, open to the public, featuring various art forms, music and culinary delights. This celebration also showcases the workshop outcomes, highlighting cultural diversity.  


What’s next?

The goal of the initiative is to integrate migrant and refugee youth into French culture and life, helping them feel included rather than isolated. Aiming to inspire and enrich attendees of the closing event, the initiative showcases the creativity and experiences of these young individuals. They will also produce a booklet to document and celebrate their creative collaborations. By highlighting their contributions, the project aspires to challenge negative preconceptions about migration and promote a more positive and authentic perception of migrants and refugees in Paris. 


This is an ongoing Europe Challenge project that will be completed in autumn 2024. Stay tuned for more updates and contact if you have any questions or want to be connected with the team behind the project.

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