The Europe Challenge 2022

What is the Europe Challenge?

In May 2022, 60 libraries and communities applied to join the Europe Challenge 2022, including school, cultural, prison, academic, city and rural libraries.

Successful entries announced on 24 June, 2022, will benefit from a 12-month programme of funding and support to help them work together in a democratic way to design, test, and improve their solutions.

Entries were asked to address key themes for the programme: making the library a safe cultural space for different people, and providing access to trusted information and curated knowledge.

Every challenge had to be shared by both the library and the community, and be useful to people across Europe.

Some of the themes from entries included:

  • Social and financial inequality
  • Methods to reduce food and fuel expenditure
  • Sustainable (circular) economy
  • Queering in the library – access and literature
  • Migration and new communities integration
  • Loneliness

You can see a map of the successful entries here.