Learning to re-establish common values

Bringing community leaders and decision makers together with people from non-UK backgrounds to help break down cultural barriers.

Name of project: Bright Future

The challenge

Community Network Group CIC (CNG) is a community-driven, non-profit organisation that helps disadvantaged migrants in Finchley in the north of London to participate fully in society. Following Brexit, Covid-19 and the resulting economic turmoil, CNG became aware that many people from migrant and European backgrounds were facing an increase in racism and xenophobia, resulting in social exclusion and loneliness.

The initiative

Working with Finchley Church End Library, CNG is bringing community leaders and decision makers together with people from non-UK backgrounds in the safe environment of the library to re-establish common values and respond to the social needs of a diverse community.

This initiative aims to break down barriers between communities by creating a bespoke programme of cultural and social activities to provide a platform where people can engage with each other. The challenge team has organised a series of face-to-face and remote gatherings following various themes (including common history and culture, European arts, music, literature, immigration, welfare, mental health, financial issues and unemployment).

What’s next?

They are also planning a series of workshops run by professionals who are keen to support the community. Through these initiatives, people can become engaged and learn from each other, reduce isolation and increase their mental and physical wellbeing. They will then create a report that can be shared with other organisations.

The challenge team said: “Our aim is to bring together people from different European backgrounds to maintain a mutual exchange of cultural values between them, which can result in harmonious relationships and dialogue. We hope to contribute to strengthening their ties with society and discuss major challenges to the development of society.”

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