Support Libraries in Europe

Libraries are more than just houses for books; they are the lifeblood of communities across Europe. They provide safe spaces, foster education, combat social inequalities, and build resilient societies. Everyone is welcome in libraries! Communities can keep warm, meet new friends, get online, find solutions to local challenges, and so much more.

Yet recent reports paint a grim picture:

Such acts are not only destructive but also reflective of a broader societal shift and challenges to democracy.  Your help to support the vital role of libraries in Europe is urgently needed!

Support the Europe Challenge!

The Europe Challenge programme supports libraries and communities across Europe to address pressing democratic, social and environmental challenges in their local areas. In the midst of the various crisis facing Europe, the programme provides funding and support for libraries to stimulate stories of hope – like the one from the quaint town of Concesio, Italy.

In 2023, Carla Teresa, an 84-year-old former seamstress who used to work for some of the largest fashion houses in Northern Italy, found a renewed purpose. As part of The Europe Challenge, the Concesio library launched a #RepairCafé, allowing Carla Teresa and other skilled volunteers to mend items, fostering community bonds and promoting sustainability. 

“Carla Teresa is the oldest repairer of the group but has the energy of a 20-year-old! She is also an avid reader: since we have known her she has read more than 500 books. We tried calling her to get more details, but unfortunately she is almost completely deaf, and the only way to talk to her is when we see her here in the library.” – Marco from the Concesio library, Europe Challenge 2023 participant.

Your donation can help: 

  • Support more uplifting stories like Carla Teresa’s through the Europe Challenge in 2024;
  • Champion innovative, sustainable, community-driven projects in Europe’s libraries;
  • Ensure libraries remain invaluable cultural hubs and beacons of democracy in Europe.

Every euro counts and helps us ensure that the lights of libraries across Europe keep shining, guiding communities across rough seas towards a brighter future.

Other ways to help libraries in Europe

No matter where you are based, there are many ways to support libraries in Europe, starting with your local library! Here are some ways in which you can help:

  • Make a direct donation to your local library or become a member of a library patrons group to provide crucial financial assistance;
  • Offer your time as a volunteer for various library tasks and events or participate in fundraising activities for your local library;
  • Actively advocate for libraries in your country with your government, and promote the amazing work of libraries through social media or community networks;
  • If you are a business owner, consider supporting your local library through corporate sponsorships.



If you think you can support libraries in Europe in a different way, please contact Ajda Milne, Programme Manager – Development & Partnerships, at

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